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About Me

In January 2018, I admitted I didn't want to be a pharmacist anymore. The job never felt right but I kept doing it for security.

When I needed to make a change or else go crazy, I put thought into action. Over nine months, I journaled a lot and discussed my ideas with friends. Then I got honest that I want to travel and write. 

All the while, I saved enough money to make travel and writing happen. I inched closer to making the change by landing a freelance writer job. Yay!

Today, I've traveled the world for eight months now. Seeing Portugal, Spain, Croatia, France, Czech Republic, Vietnam, Thailand, among other countries. I write about my travels and freelance as an editor. What was before a dream of mine is now my life! 

I make change worthwhile for my clients. Clients come to me stuck and know they need to make a move. Over a season or two or three, I get them to make the change they already know is needed in their life. 

Book a call with me to see what's holding you back from making worthwhile changes in your life.